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Tom, look at the amount of memory or what is known as Random Access Memory or RAM. the more gigabytes the smoother the experience and functioning of the system will be.
you can then look at the hard drive or what is known as storage of programs, documents, music, video, etc. the more gigabytes, the more space you'll have to save stuff.
is the hard drive an ssd (solid state drive) or the traditional platter type? ssd's are about 99 times better, faster and more reliable than platter hd's. ssd's are more commonly used for bootup drives that hold the operating system and the programs you'll use, while hd's are used for storage of docs, and other stuff.
how many and what version of USB ports are there.
3 is faster than 2.
what other ports are there, where are the ports located.
the keyboard is essential as it's the primary input peripheral,
speakers are essential, especially for us blind persons, unless you use a refreshable braille display, which does not replace the monitor that usually comes with the computer.
there's allot to consider without getting into the technical, and rather confusing, stuff.
others may have more to contribute to your query.

On 11/23/2015 11:15 AM, Tom Macha via Jfw wrote:
HelloHello, I am looking to purchase a new laptop. I am a college studentstudent. What should I look for when it comes to system requirements? I am using Jaws 16. Thanks, Tom Macha
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