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Debbie April Yuille

Hi Kristoffer

I believe Microsoft take a lot longer validating laptops than they do for desktops. It has taken this long since I reserved my laptop for an upgrade back in July for the update to say that is ready for me to get windows 10. Yet, when I reserved my desktop for windows 10, I got a notification within two months of my reservation.

If you really want to run windows 10 on your laptop and don't want to wait for the update, try using the media creation tool and if you don't like windows 10 or think that it doesn't run that well, you have a month to go back provided you haven't deleted your windows.old folder.


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I've got some strange problem.
On a desktop I have it says that I can download windows 10, and on my
laptop I can not download at all. It says that I'll get an e-mail when
it is ready.
I've waited about a month for this. What can be wrong here?

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