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Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D.

Do these tablets have USB inputs for external hard drives, DVD drives, etc? Thanks. Keith

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I have a Surface Pro and I'm very pleased with it. The prices have come down since I purchased mine last year. You can find less expensive tablets, but I believe at least for me, the additional cost is worth it. I initially purchased a Dell tablet and had to return it. It was under $500 but didn't function properly. I'm running Jaws 17 with Office 2013 and Windows 10 and the only program that crashes on occasion is Internet Exploder, and that will happen irregardless of what you buy or what operating system you run.


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From what I hear, the Surface Pro works very well. A few months ago, I purchased a tablett size Asus model, with a laptop style keyboard as part of the computer itself. I got it from Amazon for around 170 bucks. Doesn't have a lot of hard drive space, but it is pretty fast. I purchased a Micro SD card for initial storage purposes for around 15 dollars. The computer is very light weight, and easy to travel with. If you use something like this, I would recommend a drop box account, so you can put your files there, and grab them when you get back home for your big computer.
One thing to keep in mind when searching for a Tablett. Make sure it is running a full version of Windows, and not Windows RT. The RT systems won't run JAWS. Good luck!

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Hello, everyone.

I have a question that I hope will not be considered off topic for this list.

I would like to purchase some sort of a Windows tablet to use when traveling, and for when I don't want to drag my laptop computer around.

I am currently using Jaws 16, but plan to upgrade to Jaws 17 at some point, probably in the next few months.

I assume that any windows-based tablet that I might get now will automatically come with Windows 10 installed, which I'm ok with, since I'll eventually need to upgrade my other computers to that operating system at some point.

Can anyone give me recommendations and approximate costs of windows tablets that would have sufficient resources to accommodate Jaws, and basic Microsoft software such as Microsoft Office, Outlook e-mail, etc.?

At one point, I had considered moving to an IPad, but I am quite comfortable with the Jaws to windows interface, so would prefer to stick with a Windows tablet if at all possible.

Thank you!

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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