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Hello Chris,

I personally am not sure about what a citation manager is exactly. I was at
school yesterday asking a question about APA format, because, like you, I
usually just type it into my essays. This guy said that he used something
called a citation manager that helped him set up the citation, and then he
goes along and edits it. I thought it would be worth a try, but didn't want
to spend the money if it was not accessible so I decided to ask here. I have
an electronic version (Word) of the APA manual, which is what I use along
with an online resource called the Purdue OWL, which is the online writing
lab at Purdue University. I also use the writing lab at my school.


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Sorry but what's a citation manager?
I used to just type that stuff into my essay in Microsoft Word, or
well, back then it was WordPerfect for Dos.

They have programs to partially automate the process now? that's neat.

P.S. Is the APA available as a print handbook you could scan? When
I was an English student, they insisted we use the MLA (modern
language asociation) guidelines. They were online, but they were
also available in book form.

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