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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

When in Outlook, from whichever address field you are in, simply hit
Alt-period. Your list should come up. If search comes up, you need to
Shift-Tab, then Arrow up, then Right Arrow to the list. You go through
the list, and when you want to include a name hit Enter. When you have
completed, you hit Enter twice. Remember not to first-letter navigate;
use the Arrow Keys.

Bye for now,


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Dear list,

I've done it before a long time ago, but am wondering if someone can give
me instructions for the process of sending a message to multiple e-mail
addresses in outlook 2010. I'm using the latest build of Jaws 16 though
should be getting my 17 cd very soon so might be upgrading. Any help is
greatly appreciated. thanks

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