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Adrian :

Thanks; but, I already have JAWS V: 16.0.4463, and have the executable
".exe" file, as well as that for JAWS V: 17, on my C: drive.

So, leaving that J16 executable file where it is, should I uninstal "all"
current and previous JAWS versions (including V: 16) before running the
below command? And, should I change the number, in the below instruction,
to match the version for which I have the ".exe" file on my C: drive? If
so, I guess that I will need some good eyes around at the time that I do

Alternatively, can I run this command even though JAWS already is installed
on my PC? My original intention was simply to "repair" the version I now
have. Earlier, another lister said that it was important to do this before
considering a move to V: 17. And frankly, I had long ago forgotten that
JAWS could be "repaired", and have never done it! I do hope that I still
can do this without having to uninstall V: 16. So, I should ask, is there
another way to repair a currently being used JAWS version?

Thanks again.

Jim H

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I'm copying below the instructions I received from FS's Grant Downey, one of
their reliable tech support people. I may have tidied them up a little, but
I've used them more than once and they work. The line you're looking for is

To run a JAWS 16 repair,
First download JAWS 16 to your computer. Go to:
Look for and download:
* JAWS 16.0.1925 64-bit English - January 2015 (133 MB)
Choose the 64 bit version. Save this to your computer. Do not run from
current location. After the file is saved:
To run a JAWS 16 repair.
1. Copy the appropriate version to your C: drive
To run a JAWS 16 repair, go to the run dialog and type:
C:\J16.0.1925ENU-64bit.exe /type repair
And press enter.
The repair will run. After the repair has completed, reboot your computer.

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First, I hope that I have sent this to the correct e-mail address.
Confirmation of this would be appreciated.

Second, when cleaning out older versions of JAWS, it has been recommended
we perform a "repair" on JAWS 16. Is the below "instruction" correct
regarding syntax and spelling? I know how exact "run-line commands" have to

be to get them right!

C:\J16.0.4463ENU-64bit.exe /type repair

It seems to me that there should be no "space" between ".exe" and "/", and
did not look right to me; but, I, admitedly, am no techie - at least not

When using DOS, I was the "go-to-Guy" when other people started getting
own PCs at work. I got my "talking computer" about 7 years before everyone
else; so, I had a lot of experience before they did. Their admiration was
wonderful! But now, with Windows and without all the tech support I used to

get when I was working, I am next to the bottom on how to do stuff that I
to find "easy-peasy" with DOS. Very frustrating!

Oh well, we do the best we can, with what we've got!


Jim H

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