Re: Admin: Further to the list migration announcement of earlier.

mike mcglashon

so does that mean that the current address we have to send emails to the list is going to change to something else? if yeah, then what is it?

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In addition to the list changing locations at the end of the month, I will
be looking to expand the moderation team in the near future. Any new
moderators being brought on will not be brought on until the list changes
location. However, anyone with an interest in doing so should be advised
that I will be looking through their recent activity on the list before
making my decision. I am presently working out what the added moderators
will be responsible for at present. However, those of you who are interested
in contributing to the list in that capacity can indicate so by emailing me,
privately, off-list to say so.

Those of you who've been with the list a while will remember we had rules
once. We still do, albeit not quite as enforced as they ought to be. The
additional moderators, and the change in location, will hopefully go major
steps toward changing that. I'm putting together the new location as I write
this, so all I'll need to do when the day gets here is move everyone from
here to that new group. Most of you have been awesome, which gives the list
something steady to build on. It's my hope that once we get things back on
track, neither I nor the moderators will have much to do but keep things

As said, if there's an interest, communicate it to me privately off-list. If
you're picked to join the administration team, you'll be notified before the
move so that we can get you set up appropriately before it all goes online.
Any questions or issues, also send them to me off-list. My direct email, for
those who don't already have it: james@...

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