Re: Chrome Accessibility was: chrome, lister suggestions and what I found

Robert Logue

I looked further and think these probably aren't necessary with Jaws unless you want low vision aids. I think Jaws takes care of the rest of them.

High Contrast

Caret Browsing
seems to be already added on my system.

Color Enhancer

Image Alt Text Viewer
Think Jaws takes care of this.

Long Descriptions in Context Menu Doesn't Jaws do this too?

On 11/17/2015 7:03 AM, Robert Logue via Jfw wrote:
Has anyone yet tried...
Chrome Accessibility
Extensions to improve your Chrome experience

I just found it in advanced settings.

Wonder if it helps or hinders Jaws and other screen readers.

On 11/13/2015 12:28 PM, Adrian Spratt via Jfw wrote:
When I was testing Chrome earlier this week, I posted problems I encountered and several people posted suggestions. Here's what people said and what I've found.

For my download query, Ann wrote. The context menu on the downloads page has an item that says something about open link in incognito window. The item just below that is 'save link as', which looks like 'save target as' to me.

Me. David Moore found the same thing in his podcast. Chrome says "Save link as" instead of the Moore familiar "Save target as."

Brad wrote: For the Save Link As option, I route JAWS to PC (even though the JAWS cursor reads nothing), and then right-clicked, and I could save the item linked to.

Me. While on the FS website this morning, I couldn't get the "Save link as" option to appear in the right mouse menu. I tried Brad's idea. Still nothing happened. But after I switched from the JAWS to the PC cursor, I tried the right mouse menu again, and there it was. So, the next time I reach a download link, I'll route JAWS to PC, press the PC cursor key, then press right mouse and arrow down to "save link as."

For my combo box problem, Andre wrote: I just hit the spacebar to open the combo list. Hit enter on what I want or escape to exit. That's what I have seen on my machine.

Me. there's no single solution to the combo boxes I've encountered while using Chrome. Usually, I need to press enter and then alt-down arrow to get inside a combo box. The spacebar has never worked for me here. However, once I've placed focus on my choice, escape does sometimes work. I don't recall ever using escape before to get out of a combo box.

My thanks to all three of you.
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