Re: Admin: Upcoming list migration.


Hi James,
Couldn't find your email address easily...
Write to me and other Groups.IO users and list admins privately if you need
help (also, I propose asking other JAWS users list admins if they can merge
lists with yours later).

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In an attempt to consolidate things slightly, and as a direct result of some
changes happening on the persoonal front, be advised this list will be
changing locations on 2015-11-30. Effective on that date,
jfw@... will retire, to be replaced by a list on
More information will be provided re: that service, for those who don't
know, when the time gets closer. No additional effort should need to be
taken by the membership - I'll move everyone over when we're ready to
migrate. If you have questions, please mail me privately.

List Admin
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