Question on installing newer versions of Jaws and the Real Speak voices


Hello list,

I’ve noticed that whenever I install a new version of Jaws, the Real Speak
voices I had installed on the earlier version of JFW don’t’ show up in the
newer version. I don’t mean the periodical updates FS puts out, but rather
the 11 to 12 and now 12 to 13. I know now that the version 13 beta doesn’t
have the merge utility, but even when upgrading in the past, Real Speak
still wolnd’t show up. I’ve got a few self-created voice profiles in
different languages and whatnot for proof reading documents with the Real
Speak voices.

I have the .exe files on my hard drive, but I was just wondering if others
experience this as well or if it was just something that I may have been
doing wrong on my end. I don’t even know if it’s a bug per say, but rather
one of those things.

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