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Les Kriegler <kriegler@...>

The accessibility options are still there. When you install the DC version,
the Accessibility Setup screen comes up. I've been told that files process
faster in the DC version. I did extract a 136 page manual, and it seemed to
go quite quickly.


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I'd like to know what features does this version have that the others
versions did not? I seem to have a problem trying to convert the files from
pdf to Microsoft word 2013 format. Is there something that I need to do
special for these files? P.S. I also remember the ability to convert these
files to plane txt format, and what about the accessibility setup what
happened to that as well? These are just questions that I have. Thank you
for any information that you might have concerning this new version of the
acrobat reader

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Hi Mike,

You can delete it. You can actually download every version of Adobe Reader
from their public directory, so I have all of the installers. I just didn't
know whether I wanted to bother with this new thing or just keep using what
has worked for me. Thanks for posting the link, but it doesn't need to live
in your Dropbox any more. :)


On 11/15/2015 3:51 PM, Mike B via Jfw wrote:
Hi Brad,

If you want to give this newer version a try, below is a download link
for Adobe XI so you can reinstall it if you don't like Reader DC. I
haven't used Reader DC enough to give you an honest opinion. Please
let me know that you got it downloaded so I can remove it from my Dropbox

Take care.

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I'm being notified daily that Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is available for
me to download. I currently have Adobe Reader XI (11). Adobe Reader is
critical to my work, so before I risk wrecking something that works
fine for something that doesn't work at all, is there anything I
should know about Acrobat Reader DC that makes it different from Adobe
Reader, or is it just a new name for the same old product? If it makes
a difference, I'm using JAWS 15 on Windows 7 64-bit at home and at the

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