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Adrian Spratt

Can you try to isolate the message and copy it with the virtualized window
command JAWS key-alt-w, then control-a, control-c and paste it with
control-v into a reply message?

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I wonder if this happens to anyone else. I have noticed if I put on my dell
windows 7 desktop using jaws 12, it loads up normally however I wait on
purpose not going to desktop,I have noticed in the morning if I do this and
wait Jaws will soon tell me what it is unhappy about.. Other day I am told
I am using an unknown device that it does not recognise a usb device. I
have not touched the delland no new device is on no wires are loose. I have
a laptop that I have treated to a new battery,I wonder if they are partof a
work group if it could have detected it, it is the right battery. I email a
friend who says"no it cannot be that,turn off the desktop and wait and
reload. I do this and all seems ok jaws does not mention any such thing
now. However now it says the screen resolution is not set at the very high
resolution it likes I have not altered it I turn off dell again and reload
it and this time no complaints, However I am baffled,Jaws I am sure cannot
be to blame it is being given information that is untrue There was no
unknown device at all if the resolution had altered it put itself right
However I cannot keep turning the computer on and off all day! any ideas?
thanks. Dorothy.

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