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Thanks for the input. Did read the the Qube readme down through the Twitter
section. Will reread again more carefully.


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After you start the Qube, you won't find it by Alt-Tabbing around.
Ordinarily, it doesn't show anything on the screen. What you need to do is
to read thee Qube Readme that you can find in the Qube submenu in your Start
Menu. Everything is done with combination keystrokes which you will need to
learn by reading that Readme file. One of those combination keystrokes
displays a tweet on the screen for JAWS to read, but normally you just
listen to them.

Gary King
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Hi Qubers, .help!

TheQube was downloaded and installed on my Win7, 64 bit, J16 machine.
However clicking on the desktop icon or going through all programs and
clicking on theQube. Nothing happens. The Qube is seen in the Task
but alt tabbing around does not go to any running app/Twitter client.

I read through the documentation and executed the steps to open Twitter,
sign into my account to get a number generated by Twitter to connect to
TheQube. I did this several times but Twitter did not generate a number
theQube that I could find.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled the Qube several times and still no luck.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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