Re: JAWS not reading cell contents in Excel

Ted Sparks

I'm using 2007 but maybe this will help you.
When I can't read a cell with the edit command I note the position of the cell I'm trying to edit.
Then press the end key and then the home key on the num pad.
Then use the goto command to return to the cell I was trying to edit. Press the F2 key and it usually will read it to me.

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Dear List Friends,

I am using JAWS 16 with MS Office 2010 & Windows 7 as the OS.

Whenever I press F2 to enter a cell in Excel & try to read the cell contents with the arrow keys, JAWS says “Blank, Blank” instead of the cell contents. My sighted colleagues are able to read the cell contents.

I have confirmed that the Excel file is maximised. I have tried closing & reopening the Excel file but without any change in JAWS behaviour.

Request your kind assistance in resolving the above problem.

Thanking all in advance for any & all assistance.

Mr. Sameer Latey,
Mumbai, India
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