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Hello Sameer,
Works for me using the same equipment; you do realize that the cursor is at the far right of the edit field, and you need to left arrow to begin.
Cheers Kevin.

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Dear List Friends,

I am using JAWS 16 with MS Office 2010 & Windows 7 as the OS.

Whenever I press F2 to enter a cell in Excel & try to read the cell contents with the arrow keys, JAWS says “Blank, Blank” instead of the cell contents. My sighted colleagues are able to read the cell contents.

I have confirmed that the Excel file is maximised. I have tried closing & reopening the Excel file but without any change in JAWS behaviour.

Request your kind assistance in resolving the above problem.

Thanking all in advance for any & all assistance.

Mr. Sameer Latey,
Mumbai, India
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