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David Ingram

I haven't noticed this problem but I've noticed a different problem where they've given us a link but the problem is that from what I've experienced is while typing what I want to search for, I'm given results for things that I didn't searth for as an example, if I type an authors name like Gary Keesee I would probably get only 2 book titles but when I want to find out if this book is in other formats I'm given little to no information of whether Fixing the money thing is abialable as an audio book or whether it is an e book Has anyone had a problem semular to what I've tried to describe? Thank you for any information that you might have concerning my questions.

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This must be withine the last week or so as I ordered several things last week with no problems signing in. I hope they do something soon if this is how it is from now on.

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Hello, all:

For the first time, I am really miffed at Amazon. Has anyone visited recently? They have a new sign-in feature, which, of COURSE, involves captias with no audio equivalent! They give you a link for “having trouble or sight-impaired,” but the only thing there is options for contacting them, which I did, with an “assertive-gram”, which, if you’re experiencing this issue, you might want to follow up on with one of your own so they will listen to us, hopefully. I stated the situation is unacceptable, since many of us are Christmas shopping now, and requested that they immediately remedy things. If anyone has managed to get around the captia and still do check-out, please do email the list and let us know how you did it! Thanks!

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