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Well, unfortunately, I spoke too soon. I just tried logging in to my Amazon account, and had the same problem. This is not good!

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On reading your post, which made me anxious, I went to Amazon and logged in with my username and password. I suspect Gerald may have the right answer. But as he says, Amazon should know better. And as you say, anyone who encounters this new obstacle should make their displeasure known to Amazon.

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Hello, all:

For the first time, I am really miffed at Amazon. Has anyone visited recently? They have a new sign-in feature, which, of COURSE, involves captias with no audio equivalent! They give you a link for “having trouble or sight-impaired,” but the only thing there is options for contacting them, which I did, with an “assertive-gram”, which, if you’re experiencing this issue, you might want to follow up on with one of your own so they will listen to us, hopefully. I stated the situation is unacceptable, since many of us are Christmas shopping now, and requested that they immediately remedy things. If anyone has managed to get around the captia and still do check-out, please do email the list and let us know how you did it! Thanks!

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