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Jim Portillo

Thank you. I appreciate your response. However, I'm curious how that relates to finding out the names of the people that like the particular page.

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Jim, if you can go into Settings on your professional Facebook and see if
you can get comments sent to your e-mail. I think that is what we did on
mine - it could be that it is called Account Settings.

Bye for now,


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Hi there,

Let's see if I can explain my question so that it makes sense.

In addition to my personal facebook account, I have a public facebook
Page for my music band. Pages are a little different from the personal

On this page, it says that I have 173 "likes." I'd like to know how I
can find out who has "liked" our page so far. There used to be a way a
while back, and although it was a bit challenging to get to, I found a
However, I can no longer remember what that was and would like to know if
anyone on this list can help me.

I'm using the JAWS 16 or 17 versions (depending on the computer) with
Facebook and am happy to use either the mobile or the full version.

Thanks again for any help!


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