Re: A tutorial on Google Chrome.

Joseph Weakland

it worked for me when i hit enter after saving file first:) using pc to play it:)

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Same here.
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When I try to run the tutorial Media Player gives me an error message and is not able to run the tutorial.

Is this just me, or are others experiencing the problem?


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Hi all,
Here is the tutorial on Google Chrome Browser that I have promised you. It is a Audio MP3 file that will play on about anything. I go over how to save files, and use Surfs Up to demonstrate everything you need to know about using different combo boxes and all you need to know when using a browser. I hope you enjoy it. It is an hour long. The link below is a drop box link. I fixed my drop box, so this link should work fine. Enter on the link and a page will open up. Go to almost to the bottom of the page and enter on the download link. You can save it to your computer. I hope you can get even more out of Google Chrome. Here is the link below.
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