Windows 10 difference, autoplay not working, or is it in another form?

Peter Tesar

Hi Steve,

that worked. After hearing the musical tone, windows+v gives me the notification message.

Itannounces the device and:
tap to choose what happens with removable drive

I cannot invoke a tap, the space-bar and ENTER do nothing.

When I choose to eject the USB pen drive I hear:
... safe to remove hardware.

Inserting the MS Office setup disk does not start automatically and I don't know how to tap with the keyboard.

Thanks for getting me this far.

Peter T.

On 2015-11-12 4:55 AM, Steve Griffiths via Jfw wrote:
Hi Peter,

A couple of things you could try.

When you hear the musical tone, press Windows + V and you may hear a new notification message; on some of these you can press Space to get a list of actions you can take. This worked on Windows 8 and, for me, it works on Windows 10 when I plug in a USB drive. I don't have a DVD player on my machines to test.

The other thing is to go to the Start menu and search on Autoplay. The first result should take you to the Autoplay area in which you can do a lot more than turn it on - you can Tab through it and get options for all kinds of situations where new media is attached, and choose a default action for each of them.

You should only get the notification message, which I've heard some people refer to as a toast, if there isn't a default action to take for whatever you've just plugged in.


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In Windows 10, I have auto play on. When a music CD is inserted or a USB penn drive connected, all I hear is a musical tone. There is no dialogue prompting me what to do with this device. I'm told there is a brief notificationcontaining the word "tap". This might be from Windows 8 which was gearedto the touch screen tablet devices.

A setup disk, like MS Office 2013, will not start the setup process. I have to go into "This PC" to activate the drive,and then search for a setup.exe file.

How do JAWS users handle this?

In Windows 7, we heard the "click this balloon" message and the JAWS numpad slash could activate it. Since using Windows 10, I have not yet heard a "click this balloon" message.

Peter T.
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