Windows 10 difference, autoplay not working, or is it in another form?

Peter Tesar


In Windows 10, I have auto play on. When a music CD is inserted or a USB penn drive connected, all I hear is a musical tone. There is no dialogue prompting me what to do with this device. I'm told there is a brief notificationcontaining the word "tap". This might be from Windows 8 which was gearedto the touch screen tablet devices.

A setup disk, like MS Office 2013, will not start the setup process. I have to go into "This PC" to activate the drive,and then search for a setup.exe file.

How do JAWS users handle this?

In Windows 7, we heard the "click this balloon" message and the JAWS numpad slash could activate it. Since using Windows 10, I have not yet heard a "click this balloon" message.

Peter T.
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