Correction: Chrome Is Not Totally Useless

Brad Martin

This morning, Chrome ended its strike, and decided it would open. So it's not totally useless. My comments previously had nothing to do with accessibility, and everything to do with the fact that the program refused to open last night. When it finally started (after I went into task manager and killed two Chrome Processes that were stuck open), it was hit or miss; sometimes I'd have to try two or three times before it would decide to open. Finally, on about the eighth attempt, I started getting questions and prompts from Chrome, and then it decided it would function.

So now that it opens pretty consistently, it's not totally useless. Honestly, though, since I have installed Adblock as an add-on to Firefox it seems faster than Chrome.

To Adrian's points, I'm not having any issues with Combo boxes at all in Chrome. For the Save Link As option, I route JAWS to PC (even though the JAWS cursor reads nothing), and then right-clicked, and I could save the item linked to. And what I was saying in the first part of my message last night was that the program installed without asking anything. It didn't ask if I wanted it to be my default browser; it just made itself so.

What I found most interesting (and helpful) is Chrome's treatment of the mobile version of Facebook. This is going to sound weird, but for instance, in Facebook mobile, if I'm using Chrome I can change my newsfeed between Most Recent and Top Stories. Typically, with other browsers I have to go to the full Facebook site for this option.

I find that Chrome reads a lot more useless information like "article" "article end" "story". And all of these items are on separate lines, so there ends up being a lot more arrowing down.

I'm not sure I'd make it my default, but I may install Adblock for it as well and see if it improves the speed.

Having said all that, I have an I5 desktop with 8 GB of RAM, so even IE does not feel sluggish, and since I installed Adblock in Firefox, Firefox stopped crashing too.

I'm keeping Chrome for now, but at this point Firefox is still my default browser.

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