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Adrian Spratt

Alt-down arrow does nothing as a first key combination in the combo box I just tried. It doesn't work until I first press enter. I handle combo boxes by habit, so I can't be sure of this, but I think I always have to press enter first and then alt-down arrow. I'll be curious how anyone using Chrome handles combo boxes.

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Alt-down arrow is supposed to open a combo box. I wonder if you
opened it that way if the behavior would be different. Probably not,
but it's worth a try??? (LOL)
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Hi. While browsing with Chrome, I'm having difficulty exiting combo
boxes while preserving my choices. With IE, and I think also
Firefox, I usually (1) press enter, then (2) alt-down arrow, then
(3) arrow down to my choice, (4) keep focus there and (5) press
alt-up arrow. Step 5 preserves my choice and takes me out of the box.

With Chrome, step 5 doesn't work. Instead, I need to press enter on
my choice. However, I'm still in the combo box. Alt-up arrow doesn't
take me out, or if it does, I lose my choice. In one case, the wrong
choice is shown.

Just now, pressing enter on my choice and then tabbing to the next
field took me out of the combo box into the next field. Is this the
only way of exiting a combo box in Chrome while preserving your
choice? What if there isn't another field? (I haven't been able to
test this possibility yet.)
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