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Gerald Levy

Which is precisely why Eric Damery discourages JAWS users from installing Chrome. Google, which has shown little commitment to accessibility, still needs to make Chrome more screen-reader friendly, and so for now, IE an Firefox remain better browser options.


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Curious about all the hubbub on this list (I hadn't read my Email in a
week), I installed Google Chrome. Here are my observations:

1. Chrome never asked me a question, never asked if I wanted it to be my
default browser, made itself my default--at least on the account under
which I installed it, but otherwise was OK.

2. The first time it opened, it felt remarkably like Firefox, except of
course for the single menu, which was fine.

3. Pressing Insert Q told me that the settings JAWS had loaded were for
Firefox, although I was using Chrome. Kind of interesting.

4. Now that I've told Firefox to resume being the default browser,
Chrome can't decide whether it wants to open on my Admin account or not.
Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.

5. On my personal user account, Chrome will not open. Period. Makes it
kind of hard to browse the web. Right click. Double Click. Enter. Nothing.

So I would say the one time it worked, it was fine, although it actually
felt slower than Firefox for me, but I didn't get much chance to play
with it before it went on strike. I'll keep it for another day and see
if it decides to work again, but otherwise, I'm trashing it. I don't
need the dead weight.

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