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Aidan <aidan.smarttalk@...>

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I also use gmail with chrome in basic
view and it work fine. I tryed to import in windows live mail but it
don't work for me. Not sure what is wrong but it cannot retreeve mail.

On 10/11/2015, David Moore via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi Aidan,
I was on my mobile Facebook account just last night, and I noticed the same

thing. At first, I was a little confused, because it says news feed right at

the top. I really like the way the page is laid out in Chrome so much
better. It is easier to like and comment. What do you like to do for fun? I

like to watch sports, Socialize a lot on FB and Twitter, Run, with my sight

wife or friends, play the piano, and read a lot. I keep my self busy in my
personal life. I wanted to ask you Aidan. Have you worked with the Gmail web

site. I have worked with it a lot and by using a lot of JAWS command for
HTML, it is not that bad to navigate. I have Gmail imported into my Windows

Live Mail account to make it faster, but the web site is not that bad.
Contact me any time.

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Hi david. The one thing I forgot to mention wich I love about chrome
is the fact that when I use facebook mobile, I can check allot of my
news feed, I don't have to press see more to get to a second and third
page and so on. Really great the way its displayed.

On 08/11/2015, David Moore via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi all.
There is a very little learning curve with using Google Chrome. You have

settings and all you need in just one vertical column called the Chrome
menu. Settings are displayed in a web page environment just like more and
more of Firefox is displayed that way. After getting use to it, the web

lay out is better to navigate. All of the same navigation key commands

in Chrome as in IE or Firefox. It is very fast and is great for streaming
video like Net Flicks and the like. It never Crashes. I really hope you

it for what it can do. Take care.

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I have used Firefox and IE for several years. I go back and forth
because some websites are better with one and some with the other.
Now that I hear Crome is accessible I plan to give it a try. I have
been using Google Drive and like it.

On 11/7/15, Drew Hunthausen via Jfw <> wrote:
Dear list,

I'm a life time user of IE and due to the way many of the aspects of my
and related software works have been advised to switch to Chrome or
What is the learning curve in switching from IE, and is there anything
I should be aware of. I haven't upgraded yet, but I do have Jaws 17.
so much

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