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Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS)

I wish that were all there was to it. As stated last week, Last time I used it, it took a sighted friend to help me restart. The repair went well, but it was still a hassle. I doubt it's the same version (mine was put on almost two years ago), but that was enough for me until FS says otherwise.


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Which explains why Eric Damery still advises JAWS users to avoid Chrome. As far as he is concerned, Chrome is still not ready yet for prime time.


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I can't get favorites, which Chrome calls bookmarks, to work as quickly as they do in IE. Here's what I've figured out so far. I hope the gaps can be filled in.

You get to bookmarks by pressing alt for the menu, then arrowing down. Press enter on bookmarks. Here, I'm told that the shortcut control-shift-b brings up bookmarks, but that shortcut isn't working on my system when I'm outside this menu. Each time I have to go through the menu.

In IE, I press alt-a to bring up my favorites list, and first-letter navigation works. I can't find anything this simple using Chrome.

One item in the bookmarks submenu allows you to import favorites settings. I clicked on this, tabbed through the options, and was told at the end that I was successful. However, nothing seems to have been imported.

Any ideas?
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