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Adrian Spratt

Mario, I don't hear that announcement using IE11. Interesting that you do with IE10. Once in a while F5 will cause an ad to restart, but those are the short ones. F5 is ideal to cut short the long, rambling ads that often show up on YouTube.

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in my experience, using IE 10 and JAWS 16, it is announced when the ad
can be skipped. that's when you press f5. if it isn't announced that the
ad can be skipped, pressing f5 starts the ad playing again.

On 11/8/2015 8:59 PM, Dennis Clark via Jfw wrote:
Hi Adrian,
I didn't know about F5 to terminate advertisements on Youtube. I usually
try hitting escape which sometimes works, but more often than not, it
simply starts a new advertisement.
So again Adrian, thanks for yet another tip.

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This announcement, which does appear visually, is never picked up by
IE. I don't use Firefox often enough to comment. Remember, F5 will cut
short an ad if that option appears on-screen, whether or not
verbalized by JAWS.

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Hello Everyone,
While going to several youtube videos using Chrome, I noticed
something that I had not noticed before using IE or Firefox. When the
page launched, an advertisement started to play, but in the background
I could hear Jaws announce that an advertisement was playing and that
it could be stopped. As I arrowed down, I could make out that there
was a button to stop the advertisement, and when I pressed the space
bar, the advertisement stopped instantly and the Youtube video
immediately started playing. I am not using the latest IE or Firefox,
so it is possible that each of these browsers report the same
information, but this is the first time I have heard the stop option.
It also reports the length of the advertisement and how much has
already played. I'm curious to know if what I have described is
present with the current versions of IE and or Firefox.
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