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go to
this will convert your pdf in to word or txt if you want.

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Look into convenient OCR. If I recall the keystrokes correctly, while focus is on the document, press JAWS key+spacebar, then o, then d for document. This works best, and perhaps only, in JAWS 16. Check the "What's new" file in JAWS 16 help.

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When opening pdf documents often times the pdf reads empty document. I know
that the document is there but not OCR formatted because can import into
open book to read it however I would like to select the entire pdf from the
pdf document and drop it into word rather than opening open book to do this.
Open book only allows me to select one page at a time and it doesn't keep
the same format as the pdf.

Any tips how to take non OCR pdf docs and get them into a word doc. in as
few steps as possible?



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