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Hello everyone:

After many years of strictly being a desktop PC person, I began using a
laptop issued to me by Americorps to use while I am serving with them.

As this laptop is at the Americorps site where I am serving, I would like to
have a laptop for my personal use to take notes at meetings, (at church and
in the community etc.

For convenience, It would be great to find a unit with a Numpad, (which my
Americorps Dell laptop includes.) However, as I would be using this
primarily as a Notetaking device, then a more basic device would work fine,
(though there would be no numpad. I have access to Windows365 through the
program where my wife is pursuing a graduate nursing degree. I really would
rather not use my Iphone for the above-referenced purpose.

There is certainly Craigslist, though I would most likely go to Amazon, or
possibly a local shop that sells pre-owned laptops. Any recommendations and
opportunity for further discussion, or to help me determine the best
options/options would be appreciated. In this regard, please feel free to
contact me offlist.

Best to all, Justin

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