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Good evening Peter:

Over the last several years, we have seen a lot of news about some
exceedingly security-conscious organizations, e.g. US Government, being
hacked into. So, I do not believe that anything is "perfectly" safe; but, I
do believe that I am better off when I keep personal information very close
to home. In my view, no "cloud" is hacker-proof.

This feature may be seen by many as a good idea; but, I strongly believe
that users should be given the choice of where their JAWS settings are
saved! This kind of stuff is just too important to put out into an ethernet
cloud - public, or private! If I do not have an internet signal, what will
happen? Will I just have to wait until my signal returns before I can use
JAWS again. And, what happens if JAWS access is needed in an emergency?

In short, there MUST be a "fail-safe" way to access JAWS settings when

To be honest, finding a way to keep the Merge Utility would seem to be a
more "current" problem to resolve, rather than "where" JAWS settings are
stored. It still confounds me that it would be left out in JAWS 17; but, I
am only a "user".

For years, I have considered JAWS to be about the best screen reader,
despite its various problems. However, my perception of how Version 17 has
been planned, and especially regarding how much it appears that this version
was just not very-well thought out, is causing second thoughts on my part.

Perhaps, I'm a dinosaur; but, I bet that other JAWS users have the same
concern that I have expressed. Frankly, I want to KEEP my privacy as long
as I can, and I also would prefer that control of my "necessary" aids be
left in MY hands.

It is my hope that FS will keep these concerns in mind when going forward.
For instance, are there any plans to "re-introduce" the Merge Utility in an
upcoming "update" to Version 17? And, despite your confidence in "cloud
storage" of JAWS settings, might there be some thought to giving users that
"fail-safe" of which I wrote?

That's all for now. Thanks for listening.

Jim H

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Good afternoon,

There are public and private clouds. FS would obviously use a
private cloud to address privacy concerns. We use a number of cloud
applications and have not had issues with our privacy being compromized
or our devices being hacked. Being able to have JAWS reload user
settings and configurations from the cloud would be a welcome feature in
a future version.

Peter Donahue

Jim Hamilton via Jfw wrote:
Sorry folks! My overriding concern is "privacy", of which there is NONE
the cloud! And, it's yet more information available "out there" for
with the skills, to find about me, or anyone else!

OK; so, I'm a technical dinosaur; bbut, I'm not alone.

Jim H

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Hi all,
Having all settings, scripts, and all changes we make to JAWS stored in
cloud excites me a lot. If FS created a service for us to do this, We
never lose our settings and our own scripts ever again. I agree. Bring it

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Hello everyone,

For some having JAWS store your user settings in the cloud is big.
I have made this suggestion to FS for some time and would like to see it
become a reality. Your authorization code would be stored with your user
settings allowing JAWS to retrieve information such as saved settings
whenever you upgrade to a new version or install and authorize it on
another device. Bring it on FS!

Peter Donahue

Soronel Haetir via Jfw wrote:
The only possible benefit I could see of allowing jaws to save
settings to the cloud is if they loosen the licensing system so that
it is easier for a single user to use many devices.

On 11/6/15, Jim Hamilton via Jfw <> wrote:
For one, I will continue to ignore requests to store "anything" in the
cloud! There is already far too much information out there, online,
myself, and don't want any additional windows into my life. If FS has
in mind for saving/changing our JAWS settings, I will strongly protest.
course, before protesting, I will wait to see what happens.

Jim H
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Subject: Jfw Digest, Vol 54, Issue 7

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