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In fact, I have done this in the past, and requires relatively few steps to
get it done. However, I believe there is a more direct way to " import and
edit PDF's", keying on the word "import".

Of course, if people have difficulty reading a PDF document in Acrobat
Reader, the "convenient OCR" could also be tried; but, that would not help
much with the "edit" part.

Jim H

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You can sometimes open the PDF then control-a to select all then press
control-c to copy to clipboard. Then open a new blank word doc and press
control-v to paste contents of the clipboard into the word doc. Then save
the word doc as you normally would.

At this point you have the entire content of the PDF in Word along with all
fonts, colors etc. When this method works. It really works well! Hope this


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Please tell me the steps to take to " import and edit PDF's" into MS Word.

Jim H

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What edition of Office do you have? 2013 can import and edit PDF's, just as
if you owned a copy of Acrobat.

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What is the best way to read , then complete and then read completed forms
in PDF?

If I tab I can read the information as to what I need to put in the boxes
but it skips other text.
If I arrow down I can't always find where to put in the text in the edit

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