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David Moore

I have not heard any of that kind of information with IE or Firefox. This is the fun we have when we investigate a new program. getting all of that info is something that only chrome can give to my knowledge. Way to go finding that out.

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Hello Everyone,
While going to several youtube videos using Chrome, I noticed something that I had not noticed before using IE or Firefox. When the page launched, an advertisement started to play, but in the background I could hear Jaws announce that an advertisement was playing and that it could be stopped. As I arrowed down, I could make out that there was a button to stop the advertisement, and when I pressed the space bar, the advertisement stopped instantly and the Youtube video immediately started playing. I am not using the latest IE or Firefox, so it is possible that each of these browsers report the same information, but this is the first time I have heard the stop option. It also reports the length of the advertisement and how much has already played. I'm curious to know if what I have described is present with the current versions of IE and or Firefox.
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