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Andre Jarreau <andre.jarreau@...>

Hi David,

This is what I found using Control-L in Chrome. On my machine it works with
a minor twist. After hitting Control-L and typing or pasting a URL into the
edit field you must hit the down arrow key one time for JAWS to speak what
you have entered. Then hitting the enter key at this point takes you where
you want to go.

I'm not sure how it works on other machines but this is how it works on
mine. And works well.

Also thanks for the link for web accessible twitter and the Twitter client
Chicken Nugget you sent. I am checking out both to see which way is best.
Very encouraged and can't wait to see the podcast you come up with for


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Hi there,
Are you trying to get to Twitter's web site? If you are, just press ctrl + L
and type It should go to the Twitter web site just like any
other site. I just tried it and it did. However, the Twitter main web site
is very difficult to use.
You should try this web site:
That is an accessible web site that links into your twitter account, but it
is much easier to navigate and to use than the main Twitter site. Even
better, is to use a client like Chicken Nugget to work with your Twitter
account, because you can send and receive tweets, reply to tweets, and all
you want to do right in a desk top program instead of being on the web at
all. Take care.

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I may be doing something wrong. At the Google home page in Chrome I want to
go to and can't seem to get there. Tried keystrokes common in
IE but didn't work in Chrome.

Does anyone know the keystroke commands to get to Twitter? Thanks

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