Re: Google Chrome is totally accessible

Rex Leslie Howard, Jr.

Hey Carolyn you seem to have quite a few answered questions. I'll be glad to
help you. Let me know if you have skype and I'll get online with you and help
you resolve these problems. To
To turn forms mode from manual to automatic or vice versa do this:
1. Press insert plus the number six on your numbers row. Actually I say press
insert, let me rephrase. Press the Jaws key plus the number 6.
2. Type the word "form" when you are presented with the edit box. Now tab over
one time and you should be in the forms mode options. Press the spacebar to
toggle between automatic and manual and there may be another option. In fact
there is: it's called semiauto.
3. If you want to change this setting and have it effect all programs you will
need to press the control key the shift key and the letter D immediately after
pressing Jaws key plus the number six that we started with.

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