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Tony, I really suggest you try it, because explorer is not a good
option anymore. A brouzer nees to be updated allot, and that is not
happening for a while now. MS cannot expect its exceptable to update
the brouzer each time they do anew windows. That is where chrome is
firstly better, the more it update the more it can protect you. And
the way it work technically and otherwise just come down to a safer
online experience. And flash is build in wich is also safer and it
plays vidios very well as david said.

On 07/11/2015, Tony via Jfw <> wrote:
I use IE and Firefox. Firefox is faster but gradually grabs memory and cpu
cycles, eventually crashing. This only happens when I have a page open for
a day or two and there are periodic updates from the site.

I'm considering Chrome.


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Thanks!! will give it a shot

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firefox will cause you the least amount of ajustment woe. it works just
IE for me.

On 11/7/2015 9:49 AM, Drew Hunthausen via Jfw wrote:
Dear list,

I'm a life time user of IE and due to the way many of the aspects of
my job and related software works have been advised to switch to
Chrome or
What is the learning curve in switching from IE, and is there anything
else I should be aware of. I haven't upgraded yet, but I do have Jaws
17. Thanks so much

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