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Greg Nickel


I find chrome challenging when filling out forms within the context of a web
page. I have found that I can fill in the forms okay but navigating is not
consistent. For example in entering my social security number there is a 3
part field. I simply type my social and it automatically moves me to the
next field when appropriate Ie. xxx xx xxxx. (3 characters then 2 then 4 for
the social. However if I want to go back and check that its entered
correctly the usual navigation doesn't work well and I have to use a
combination of techniques to get the information within each form box of
that group.

Any suggestions for form fields within web pages and in a related question
as it relates to form fields in pdf documents.


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Hi there,
This is David Moore, the original poster concerning Chrome. I do not believe

there is a list to discuss Chrome, How ever, I have used it a lot and can
answer your questions. Here is my info.
Skype ID:
Here is the answer to your help questions. If you down arrow through the
Chrome menu, you will hear a help and about option just below settings. When

you press enter on that, the Help opens up in a web page that is very easy
to navigate. You don't need an Internet connection to use this Web Page. It
just open's up in your browser, but you are not sending info over the
Internet. As you navigate this web page, there are links for many topics
that you want to know about. For example, there is a link that says key
commands. If you press enter on that link, you will get all of the key
commands for Chrome. For JAWS settings, You do not need specific settings
made to work in Chrome. The one vertical Chrome menu has all that you need.
Just press right arrow on bookmarks, and you on your book marks. All the
same navigation key commands work just as they do in Firefox. Please contact

me by email, or request me on Skype and we can talk all about it. Also, when

I finish with working with Chrome and have answered all questions, I will do

a tutorial on Chrome. Take care.

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With all the talk about Chrome I thought I would give it a try. I have just
downloaded it and right off the bat questions started jumping up in mine
mind. Everything from Jaws setting to how to use the help in Chrome, so
many questions I thought that a Chrome email list might be the best place
for answers, is there such a list and if so what is the address? Thanks for
any help.

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