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Russell Solowoniuk


I'm using Office 2016, and Outlook is working fine for me. In fact, it's
workikng better than Outlook 2013. I set messages to read automatically, so
when I'm in a message and press CTRL + D to delete the message, I'm placed
in the next message and Jaws begins to read it. This didn't work so well for
me in Outlook 2013.

I like the spell check in Word 2016... no need to use the alt key, just
press "C" to accept the suggested spelling correction or "I" to ignore.



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I upgraded to Office 2016 yesterday. Outlook works only occasionally. Most
of the time when you open a message, you can't read the message. JAWS just
says, "blank". 2016 had to be uninstalled and office 2013 reinstalled. Word
in 2016 seemed to work all right. They have not improved the spell checker
though. Just like 2013. No alt-key to use.


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