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I was going to elaborate in my original post but I wanted to get a response
They supply upgrades but they must install it on my windows seven work
So, on my desktop I have their copy and on my personal laptop, I have my
jfw. So, can I install their copy on my laptop? This is why I asked because
I will have my personal purchased copy of jfw on my laptop and theirs.
Just to get this out of the way, I use my personal laptop because I travel a
lot where I work.

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Hello there;

Well, if the district is supplying you with upgrade, And your using your
personal computer at work, then I'd assume your already using a provided
copy, So, no you can just install jaws 13 when the program is officially

I wouldn't uninstall earlier versions of jaws, if your gonna try the Beta

It's always good to have a version to fall back on.

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I hesitated to post this question because some people here turn questions
into a drama fest but here goes.

I use my personal laptop here at work, the district always upgrades to the
latest versions of softwares etc when it is time. Jaws 13 is coming out
soon, so is it possible to install a district copy of jaws onto my personal
laptop? Will I have to remove the jaws versions I have before doing so? This
is assuming I can though. I ask that part because of the licencing aspect. I
hope to blue skies that made sense.

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