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Aidan <aidan.smarttalk@...>

Adrian, if you open chrome and it don't give you an option to change
default brouzer strate away, go to settings and set it there. I guess
that it seems like you describing only a spisific website that chrome
have problems with, if so, then it does not mean that its not fully
accessible. Explorer also have issues with sertin pages and so will
each brouzer with its own set of pages. I guess if it don't work with
the sites you need, you can either switch to something else temperry
or permantly as you wish.

On 05/11/2015, dennis via Jfw <> wrote:
just press f6 it will cycle you through the buttons.

On 11/5/2015 1:53 PM, Michael Mote via Jfw wrote:
I have used the key stroke Alt plus N to find the buttons when downloading
file in IE. I am successful most of the time. Another way that might
is by pressing Alt plus the letter D to get to the address bar, and then
using shift tab to find the buttons.

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Hello Adrian,
You mentioned that you are using IE 11. One of our computers has IE 11,
when I attempted to download a file, I couldn't figure out how to do it.
screen popped up which asked if I wanted to open or save the file, but I
couldn't find a place to activate either of these options. There was a
for more information and a close button. Are there some settings I need
Thanks Adrian, or anyone else with IE 11 experience.

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I downloaded google Chrome and tested
which you mention. As you say, there's no link or edit field related to
"sign in," and the JAWS cursor verbalizes only a graphic.

No question, Chrome works very fast and brings up a clean interface, but
it isn't fully accessible, as previously claimed. IE11 will remain my
default browser until someone demonstrates how to overcome these
or Google fixes them. I do recall that someone on this list explained
the JAWS cursor doesn't work well with Firefox, and I also recall
a complicated fix, so the JAWS cursor problem may be a function of
changing technology with which FS needs to catch up.

I had difficulty finding the right download link for my Windows 7,
machine. For anyone interested, here's the right link:

Now that I've installed Chrome, every time I open it, it tells me it
my default, but it moves on too fast for me even to locate a checkbox or
other field in the event I one day do want it to be my default.

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i should have said... this is only in chrome...

On 11/5/2015 10:25 AM, Bissett, Tom via Jfw wrote:
It is not that the jaws cursor doesn't work but rather with the changes
in operating systems and the way in which jaws works there is little
the jaws cursor to see. Does your jaws cursor read whats on the
If so it is not broken.
Tom Bisset
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another thing i have just noticed and its in jaws 16 and 17, the jaws
curcer does not work. don't know if there is a fix for this or not.

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