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Hi the problem I am going to have I have over a few years set things as
needed. I will say when I started with JAWS 14 as a beginner I used JAWS
settings one way and now using JAWS 16 my settings are different. So now I
have to figure out how to set JAWS to the way I want it. Is where a way to
set any old settings. I have one in the settings for links to make a sound
to help me and that was set in JAWS 14 and has been passed on to allJAWS
since the beginning. If anyone can give steps in easy ways to do that I
would like. I am not happy with what is going on but changes I gather in
JAWS 17 have to off set this problem. I would like some basic help as using
the F2 key for JAWSsettings for JAWS 17 to help me when starting with it.
Sorry if I am not making sence as I am still learning so much and am scared
to make mistakes in JAWS settings as they are where we get our help using
the computer. I will play around on the computer better then JAWS so
thankful for any help with setting up JAWS 17 when I get it Louise and
princess Kiara

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I used to use the merge utility back in the day when it was first
introduced, but for a long while now, I've gotten into the habit of setting
up each new big release of Jaws independantly of each other. The start up
wizzard does help and it takes maybe five minutes if that to go through the
settings center and getting everything going and configured. I just run into
the same yearly issue of not remembering where to copy over dictionary and
other Jaws files from one JFW version to the other. Mainly because I have to
do it just once a year, but eventually I get it done.
I've found it to be a cleaner way of running my Jaws and this way too, I can
avoid any issues that may be present in an older version of JFW and more or
less start fresh.
That said, I can understand how some folks may be put out with the extra
work and lack of convenience with the merge utility no longer available.

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With all the new changes and settings and how they interact make it more
like trying to replace apples with oranges, oranges just don't work any more
and there is no reason to bring them forward. So for this version you need
to reconfigure. I am sure there will be a merge facility for moving from 17
to 18 because they will be more in sync.
Tom Bisset
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I'm very upset for fs removing the murg utility option in jaws 17.
They have the excuse that older version settings can know longer being
important in 17. I don't know if I must laugh. If they new that it would
happen, why did they not make a priority to implement a replacement tool
wich could be in 17?
Now you have to manually change everything? Is it possible perhaps to use
the settings packager to acomplish that?
I find it so tragic that they spend the hole year on smart navigation, wich
is not even such a remarkable feature, really this was going to be more
bennifishil to more people and now that its not ready it will affect
everyone negatively.

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