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Tom Behler


Thanks for this very thoughtful response.

I'll write to FS about this issue as soon as I get the chance here.

And, I hope others do as well.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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We shouldn't begrudge FS for aiming to make money. The profit motive is
often a driving force for improvement, and technological accessibility
wouldn't have come this far if developers hadn't been able to make enough to
pay staff, fund research, etc. We can just focus on mistakes FS makes, as we
would any other company, whether for- or not-for-profit. Any company in the
mainstream marketplace would know that this sort of cavalier attitude would
meet with public outcry. I hope anyone who feels as we do will ask FS to fix
this defect in an upcoming update to JAWS 17. Again, the email address is

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Tom, a patition is a good thing but in this case I don't think it will help.
Fs is to in love with money and that is where the change must come. I
promis, if supernova get up to standard as they mostly are then I will
switch. I had enough. There were patitions for other buggs they never fixed,
and I did not here from those people ever that it was fixed since then. I
think ms and fs have some sort of an agreement, that is why fs going strong
and the reason why ms will never improve narrator. They just give us bits
and peaces to to try to fool us and condition many blind people that ms is
really caring about accessibility. Now as far as jaws features goes, fs is
doing the same thing. If you look at the feature set they did in the last 2
or free years, its becoming very clear, that only a few things are useful.
Flexable web look nice when you play with it, but really for the money you
pay it don't provide what most people would need. It just help you to filter
what you don't like on a sertin site, and if you visit that site from
another pc or with another screen reader, then you have to learn the
original layout anyway.

On 05/11/2015, Soronel Haetir via Jfw <> wrote:
Note that at least in the case of dictionary and script files you
don't actually have to start over, you just have to copy the files
yourself. I don't know if there are enough differences to actually
make that not work for .jcf files or not, I didn't try with those.

On 11/4/15, Adrian Spratt via Jfw <> wrote:
I'm going to write to FS Tech Support and ask for this deficiency to
be fixed. I hope others will do the same so they realize how
important this is.
Can you imagine a popular commercial application forcing users to
start all over again with the settings they've created over the
course of years?
that "merge" was misspelled in the subject line, which I've corrected.

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I agree completely. Enough said.

On 11/4/2015 4:23 PM, Aidan via Jfw wrote:

I'm very upset for fs removing the murg utility option in jaws 17.
They have the excuse that older version settings can know longer
being important in 17. I don't know if I must laugh. If they new
that it would happen, why did they not make a priority to implement
a replacement tool wich could be in 17?
Now you have to manually change everything? Is it possible perhaps
to use the settings packager to acomplish that?
I find it so tragic that they spend the hole year on smart
navigation, wich is not even such a remarkable feature, really this
was going to be more bennifishil to more people and now that its not
ready it will affect everyone negatively.

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