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Soronel Haetir

That would be okay but I have thousands of dictionary entries (enough
so that I run into the hard limits of 2000 entries for each of the
default and program dictionaries). And also enough that I have
problems each year as FS expands the default dictionary (and
unfortunately most of those additions are for languages other than
English and so I end up deleting them).

On 11/5/15, Carolyn Arnold via Jfw <> wrote:
All this time, I have reconstructed my dictionary from version to
version, as well as speak dollar last, speed, etc.It is surprising how
fast I have gotten since JAWS 4.5 up to 17.

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Note that at least in the case of dictionary and script files you don't
actually have to start over, you just have to copy the files yourself. I
don't know if there are enough differences to actually make that not work
for .jcf files or not, I didn't try with those.

On 11/4/15, Adrian Spratt via Jfw <> wrote:
I'm going to write to FS Tech Support and ask for this deficiency to
be fixed. I hope others will do the same so they realize how important
this is.
Can you imagine a popular commercial application forcing users to
start all over again with the settings they've created over the course
of years? Note that "merge" was misspelled in the subject line, which
I've corrected.

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I agree completely. Enough said.

On 11/4/2015 4:23 PM, Aidan via Jfw wrote:

I'm very upset for fs removing the murg utility option in jaws 17.
They have the excuse that older version settings can know longer
being important in 17. I don't know if I must laugh. If they new that
it would happen, why did they not make a priority to implement a
replacement tool wich could be in 17?
Now you have to manually change everything? Is it possible perhaps to
use the settings packager to acomplish that?
I find it so tragic that they spend the hole year on smart
navigation, wich is not even such a remarkable feature, really this
was going to be more bennifishil to more people and now that its not
ready it will affect everyone negatively.

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