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Yes, thanks david, I'm just as excited as you are. I wanted to switch
a long time ago, as its not good at all to use adobe flash anymore
with explorer and firefox sometimes have problems. We all know chrome
is the safest and update by itself and very often, and that is what
you need when it comes to a brouzer. Not like explorer wich updated so
little and wich soon will vannage. I also like the fact that it pops
up a window when it ask you to save your password on a site. It don't
just put a random notification somewhere wich you don't always know if
its there and how to interact with it. once I answered the password
promt it allow to continue. Yes, the single menu thing is a good idea.
And when you open settings for example, it give you a nicely layout in
a form of a web page where you can make ajustments easily.

On 05/11/2015, David Moore via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi there,
JAWS 16 and 17 both work great!

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Debbie, what version of JAWS have you been using to get your positive
experience with Google Chrome? I had problems with some aspects of
this when I tried to use Chrome with JAWS 15, which is now a couple of
editions old.

Also, ladies and gentlemen, how do you feel about Google Docs and
Google Books? Are things getting more accessible to JAWS users on
these platforms?

I am much indebted to everyone who responds.


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