Re: Merge Utility, Why It's Missing, Explained

Curtis Delzer

I mean, talk about blowing smoke, that is . . . definitely.
That should always be a property of the new update, to make sure your personalized settings are integrated, and just because something new is so different, that only means that the developer must take care of the customer base so that the differences can be handled by customized settings which can be applied to the newer version. Talk about a crock of double talk, "working on it," when if the plan had been to not include a merge utility, that should have been in the stage of development from the get go, not "we're working on it," now.
If a setting is so new, then double duh! some kind of utility to upgrade and update settings should be employed, not thrown into the discard.
Thinking with their lack of ideas, it seems to me. How about that, "thinking with their lack of ideas."
That's like saying, when the guy snores next to you as you whack him him to wake him up,
"hey! hey!" "Wake up and go to sleep."
duh! and double duh! Pure and simple, someone just . . . screwed up, and there is no denial that can make up for that.

At 08:01 PM 11/4/2015, you wrote:
Well, I'm sorry! FS telling us that they are "working on it" is just not
good enough!

Can you tell that I'm upset?

Jim H

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I agree with Mike. I'm sure that they are working on something.

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Hi All,

There's no need to craft a petition or anything else. Below tells about the
Merge Utility & why it's missing in Jaws 17, for now anyways. This comes
from What's new in Jaws 17.

Merge Utility No Longer Available

Major changes have been made to improve the JAWS localization process. This
included reorganizing many of the JAWS settings files. Due to these changes,
the Merge utility is no longer installed with JAWS 17 as settings from prior
versions cannot be merged. We are planning a solution for the future which
will replace this utility and provide an even greater benefit for our

Take care.
This email was sent from my, iBarstool. Go Dodgers, next year anyways!

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I don't know how appropriate or beneficial this could be, but if someone on
the list would be willing to craft a petition regarding this issue, we might
be able to get enough signitures to make an impact.

Sometimes, I just scratch my head at these kinds of decisions.

I certainly will sign any such petition, if it is created.

I'm looking to upgrade to Jaws 17, possibly during the college teaching
semester break, but that won't be for about 8 weeks for me at this point,
and I sure would like to have the use of the merge utilities feature again.
I know there have been issues with it at times, but the convenience and ease
of using it far outweighs any problems, in my opinion.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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I'm going to write to FS Tech Support and ask for this deficiency to be
fixed. I hope others will do the same so they realize how important this is.
Can you imagine a popular commercial application forcing users to start all
over again with the settings they've created over the course of years? Note
that "merge" was misspelled in the subject line, which I've corrected.

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I agree completely. Enough said.

On 11/4/2015 4:23 PM, Aidan via Jfw wrote:

I'm very upset for fs removing the murg utility option in jaws 17.
They have the excuse that older version settings can know longer being
important in 17. I don't know if I must laugh. If they new that it
would happen, why did they not make a priority to implement a
replacement tool wich could be in 17?
Now you have to manually change everything? Is it possible perhaps to
use the settings packager to acomplish that?
I find it so tragic that they spend the hole year on smart navigation,
wich is not even such a remarkable feature, really this was going to
be more bennifishil to more people and now that its not ready it will
affect everyone negatively.

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Sunny Day
Maria Campbell

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