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Peter, do you press F7 for Spell Check?

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In WORD 2013, the use of ctrl+z to togglequick keys is handy.

But the alt+l does not bring up a list of misspelled words.

The "m" for the next misspelled word does work and I will find this very


Peter T

On 2015-11-03 10:26 PM, Ann Byrne via Jfw wrote:
There are JAWS hotkeys that work with spell check. turn on quick keys
with insert-z. Alt-l will list misspelled words. 'm' by itself will
take you to the next misspelled word. After you corect it, though, you
have to do insert-z again before the spell check keys.
At 07:04 PM 11/3/2015, you wrote:

I upgraded to Office 2016 yesterday. Outlook works only occasionally.
of the time when you open a message, you can't read the message. JAWS
just says, "blank". 2016 had to be uninstalled and office 2013
reinstalled. Word in 2016 seemed to work all right. They have not
improved the spell checker though. Just like 2013. No alt-key to use.


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