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I don't know what goes with 17 and 10. I have been having problem, where
if I try to navigate, JAWS does not speak. So, quite naturally, I can get
lost, if I want to double check something. So today, twice, I've done the
Insert Windows F4 to report error. Now, whenever I try to reply to an
individual or in this case to the list, I have to do Shift Control R or
the reply won't work. Maybe a few growing pains going on.

Bye for now,


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Hi all,

I just had someone install JAWS 17 on my computer. When I started
checking my messages in outlook 2010, instead of reading who message was
from and subject, all I hear is: "header status header".

Can someone tell me how to change this back to the usual way.

Thanks for any help.

Barbara H.

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