Re: Potentially a bug with JAWS 17 on Word 2013 with Windows 10

Feliciano G

Hey guys,
following up on the issue I was having. When I came back to work on Monday, Word 2013 was working perfectly fine without a problem. At this point, there must of been a bug with JAWS 17 during that time which must of been fixed after a reboot. Thanks,

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On Oct 31, 2015, at 11:24 AM, Carolyn Arnold via Jfw <> wrote:

Mine did read the font size, type, style, etc by using either Alt O, F
and also by arrowing up on the Context menu to Font.

Bye for now,


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I am using JAWS 17 and am having a problem with Word 2013 on Windows 10.
While trying to change font size style etc by presssing the application
key andarrowing up to font... JAWS is not reading out whether the element
is for the style size ok buttn or cancel. I am not having this issue on
th same computer with JAWS 16. Can anyone try to replicat this problem
please, Thanks

Regards, Feliciano

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