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Downloaded the free chapter but couldn't open it. Is there a trick to

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Below is information about another book, this from Australia. when I
bought it, it was $22 Ausey, which was $14 US.

Making Windows 10 Easy to See is available now from:

Making Windows 10 Easy to See is the first book designed to help you
not only get the most out of Windows 10, but also to help you set it
up to suit your own individual needs. Tailored for use with large
print, high contrast colours or speech, the instructions include
both mouse and keyboard commands as well as Narrator it is designed
to be easily used with any other adaptive technology.

Don't think it's only for those with low vision though! Fully
sighted users will benefit from the easy to follow instructions, and
helpful keyboard shortcuts other books skip which will give you the
edge over everyone else!

"Making Windows 10 Easy to See" is our flagship book, containing all
the concepts from the other books, with more keyboard shortcuts,
more tips and tricks on using speech or magnification, and exclusive
content around accessibility and Ease Of Access features as well as
additional exercises and activities.

Covering topics including:
- Turning on for the first time,
- Using larger fonts and magnifier,
- Getting around Windows,
- Common apps and tasks,
- All in easy to understand language.

Plus join the Making Windows Easy online community on Facebook and E-Mail

Here is a peek at the chapters inside:

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Choosing a device
Chapter 3. Setting up Windows
Chapter 4. Using the PC comfortably
Chapter 5. Starting the computer
Chapter 6. Accessibility Options
Chapter 7. Windows features
Chapter 8. Using programs
Chapter 9. Editing Text
Chapter 10. Multitasking and Shutting down.
Chapter 11. Revision
Appendix 1 Stretches
Appendix 2 Windows Magnifier
Appendix 3 Narrator
Appendix 4 High Contrast
Appendix 5 Making text and other items larger
Appendix 6 Using the mouse
Appendix 7 General Windows Keystrokes
Appendix 8 Reading and Editing commands
Appendix 9 Quiz questions
Appendix 10 Resources and further reading
Appendix 11 Follow up from this book

Want even more? Sure you do! Download an entire chapter of the book
right now for free! This chapter, guiding you through the process of
installing Windows 10, including upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 will
not only give you a great taste of the quality of the publication,
but also help you setup with Windows 10 in your own time.

Available now from

Kind regards


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