wwindows 10 question. upgrading/installing

Kristoffer Gustafsson

I don't know if this has been discussed on this list, but I ask this anyway.
I want to try out windows 10 on one of my computers.
It says that I shall get a message when I can update.
I've not gotten such a message.
What should I do?

Then I've Heard that you can burn windows 10 o a dvd/usb memory and
install that way.
But how do you do that?
I've got no windows 10 Product key, so how can I install that way if I want to?
Say for example, that my computer carshes. I need to buy a new harddrive etc.
Then I've got no operating system in the computer, so I need to be
able to install windows 10

Kristoffer Gustafsson
Salängsgatan 7a
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mobil: 0730-500934

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