Getting Jaws not to speak the word Cell on the internet.

Matthew Bullis

Hello, just installed the latest version of Jaws, and am liking the smart navigation feature. I have found that with a site like GMail though, you want to set the smart navigation to only controls. The way GMail is laid out is a check box, then the from field next to that, and finally the subject then the preview next to that. If smart navigation is turned on with tables, then arrowing down a line at a time only gives you one column of the table, instead of reading the whole thing off to you. Therefore, I've set smart navigation to controls only. However, I don't want Jaws to say cell cell cell throughout the line as it reads. I realize there are separators, and can feel them on the display. I've looked through verbosity settings and all others, but can't figure if there's a way to get Jaws to not keep saying cell all the time, unless altering something in the dictionary manager would work. Thanks for any suggestions.
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